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Sweetest Day

The first ever Sweetest Day was October 10, 1921, organized by a committee of candymakers in Cleveland, Ohio. It’s now observed on the third Saturday in October, and most often celebrated in the Midwestern United States, as a reminder that caring words, thoughtful actions or small gifts enrich the lives of both the giver and the recipient. Hallmark is proud to offer a range of Sweetest Day cards for you to share with a loved one. The majority of the card collection focuses on romantic love, and includes cards for wives, cards for husbands and other significant-other relationships. Card messages range from heartfelt and sincere to funny, and many feature hearts in the designs.

For another way to express your love on Sweetest Day, Hallmark also offers a selection of candy and other tokens of affection. Pull together the ultimate surprise, and wrap up your gift and card in Hallmark gift wrap