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Whether you're celebrating your child, godchild, grandchild, niece or nephew, commemorate their Confirmation ceremony with friends and family. Confirmation for most Catholic and Protestant religions typically takes place during the middle school years, and it allows the confirmands to affirm their Christian faith and become recognized as full, adult members of their church. In some religions, including Catholicism, it is considered a sacrament. Adult confirmation is also the manner in which adult converts from other religions become members of their new faith.

This special coming-of-age religious ceremony is often followed with a celebration with family and friends. Confirmation gifts for girls can include jewelry, decor for their room featuring meaningful Bible verses, or a picture frame to serve as a reminder of the occasion. Confirmation gift ideas for boys may include devotional books, inspirational wall art or, since they're approaching driving age, keychains and car visor clips bearing inspirational messages. Confirmands of either gender may appreciate a cross Christmas ornament, a journal or a rosary and rosary keeper. Shop Hallmark's entire selection of religious gifts to find just the right uplifting confirmation gift.

For many teens and tweens, cash is always a welcome gift. Hallmark confirmation cards feature a selection of money and gift card holder cards, in addition to cards for godchildren and grandchildren. There are also thank-you cards for the confirmand to give to their pastor, priest, godparent, sponsor or anyone who has encouraged them on their faith journey. Gift bags featuring cross icons will round out your thoughtfulness.