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Gift Bags

When you’re running late for a birthday party, gift bags are a quick and easy solution to any gift-wrapping dilemma. Just unfold a bag, place your gift inside, add some tissue paper and a gift tag, and voilà! You have a lovely gift presentation ready to go. Hallmark has a full inventory of quality gift bags and other gift wrap accessories for you to choose from, so pick up a few today to have on hand for your gift closet.  Hallmark is excited to bring you gift bags featuring card pockets, so the greeting card doesn’t get lost!

You’ll find gift bags in several sizes and for all occasions, including birthday, wedding and baby gift bags, from basic designs to ones that include glitter, sequins and attachments. Some of our favorites include gift bags for kids featuring favorite characters from Disney, Star Wars and more, as well as a rainbow of solid color gift-bag options, perfect for any occasion. Other top-selling gift bags sets include tissue and tag for a true grab-and-go solution.

Gift bags also can have a second life. Check out these gift-wrapping ideas featuring gift bags—we’ll show you everything from how to use gift bags as a party favor to how to spruce them up with your own personal touches.