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Baptism and Christening Gifts and Cards

Baptism is an important faith milestone for many Christian religions. Celebrate this joyful event, which symbolizes new life, washing away of sin, and admission into the church family, with family and friends. Depending on the faith, baptism or christening is practiced by pouring or sprinkling water on an infant's forehead or by immersion. For religions where infants are baptized, extended family or close friends are often asked to stand up with the family as godparents or sponsors. The godparent/godchild relationship one can be important in supporting the parents as they develop their child's faith and religious beliefs. Etiquette also calls for the parents to give the godparents a small token of appreciation for becoming mentors for their new arrival.

Commemorate this special occasion with keepsake baptism gifts the family will cherish for years to come. With photo albums and picture frames, you'll make sure you have a treasured place where you can display the baptism pictures. Other sentimental keepsakes of the sacred day include memory boxes, baby blankets, religious figurines, Christmas ornaments, and rosaries with rosary keepers. If you're looking for a gift to give the baby or small child, a religious kids book or stuffed animal make sweet keepsakes. Cross iconography and calming words of faith printed on religious-themed gift bags make the perfect presentation. Whether you are shopping for baptism gifts for boys or for girls, don't forget to add a heartfelt, personal message written on a baptism or christening card. You'll find special cards for grandchildren and godchildren on their baptism day. After the ceremony and reception with family and friends, parents can send baptism thank-you notes