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Valentine's Day Gift Wrap

You've found the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your sweetie, so make sure you wrap it up in the perfect Valentine's Day gift wrap so they know how much you care. For quick-and-easy wrapping (and unwrapping), you can't go wrong with a Valentine's Day gift bag. Hallmark's gift bags come in many sizes and designs, including bottle bags for a special bottle of bubbly or wine, and gift bags for kids that feature favorite characters from Star Wars™, Peanuts and Disney. Many gift bags also come with a card pocket to hold that specially picked Valentine's Day card. No matter which gift bag you choose, you'll want to add some coordinating pink, white or red tissue paper. You'll also find a selection of everyday wrapping paper and bows and ribbons, if you prefer to go the more traditional wrapping route, as well as gift card holders if you're giving a gift card. Gift boxes and the mini bags also work for small gifts like jewelry!