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Tree of Life

Tree of Life celebrates the Jewish faith with greeting cards and gifts for holidays and milestones. For Jewish holidays, you’ll find Rosh Hashanah cards to celebrate Jewish New Year, Passover cards to commemorate the liberation of the Jewish people from slavery, and Hanukkah cards and gifts to honor the Festival of Lights.

Whatever message you want to send—a religious wish that centers on the true meaning of a Jewish holiday, or an inside joke that speaks to the culture—Tree of Life has a Jewish greeting for you.

We have cards for everyday occasions, too. Need a bat mitzvah or bar mitzvah card for a special religious student? We have you covered with a wide variety of cards, including money and gift card holders to celebrate this important coming-of-age ceremony. We also have heartfelt and funny Jewish birthday cards, as well as cards to welcome new babies, celebrate birthdays, recognize anniversaries and share Mazel Tov wishes.

Shop Tree of Life often to find just the right words to send to your acquaintances, friends and family members. Shalom!