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“At Pesach, we celebrate the people we love and the traditions that connect us all.” You’ll find that sentiment—and plenty of others, too—in our collection of Passover greetings. When is Passover this year? Passover 2020 begins at sundown April 8 and lasts for up to eight days. The holiday, also called Pesach, commemorates the Exodus from Egypt after generations of slavery. Learn more about the history and traditions of Passover.

Like most Jewish holidays, people celebrate with family, loved ones and symbolic food. (G-d forbid we should starve to death!) The ritual of holding a Passover Seder brings family and loved ones together for a traditional meal and the retelling of the Exodus story through a shared reading of a book called the haggadah. You can wish your Seder host a happy Passover with one of our funny cards, a religious message that sends blessings, or a heartfelt sentiment that talks about freedom. We have something for everybody. You'll even find multipacks of Passover cards that let you send Passover wishes to many people.

Browse our selection of Passover cards today and shop Tree of Life for Jewish greeting cards for every holiday and occasion, from Hanukkah to Bar Mitzvah, and find just the right words for your acquaintances, friends and family members.