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Thank You

A sincere "thank you" carries so much meaning and impact. It shows your appreciation and recognition of another's action. It is a heartfelt symbol that you cherish the deed of another. Research shows that people who are more grateful are healthier, able to fight disease better and have better heart health. And there are millions of reasons to express your gratefulness. There are the big events: thank-you cards for graduations, bridal showers or weddings, baby showers, or for support after a death in the family.

But acknowledging all the daily thoughtful actions or words of others goes a long way, too. Say thank you when you child has completed his or her chores, or after your mom has cooked up another meal. Say thank you for your service to the soldier you see at the grocery store. Say thank you to a friend who listened to your troubles. Say thanks to a neighbor who shoveled your sidewalk. Send a thank-you note for an interview, mentoring or referral. Say thanks to your barber, deliveryman, teachers, coworkers, coaches, and even the stranger who noticed you dropped your keys. It's never too late to say thank you. Saying thank you makes both the recipient and the giver feel good.

Hallmark has a variety of thank-you cards, thank-you gifts and unique ways to show your gratitude with our thank-you ideas. Show your appreciation today and say thank you to someone who deserves your recognition—whether you say thanks with a gift, a card, an email, a GIF in a text message, or verbally, just make sure you do it!