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“Mail call during deployment is still a very big deal, even today. Hearing your name called because you received a little something from home can lift spirits like nothing else.”

– Becky G.

Confirm their mailing address and what kind of communication methods and internet connection to expect. Stock up on cards to mail throughout deployment or send them off with a stack of “open when” cards. Ship care packages of printed photos or their favorite nonperishable snacks. Brainstorm early about how you can celebrate holidays and birthdays from afar.

Accept that change and limitations will be constant. Try not to make them feel guilty for the changes that occur or focus too much on the countdown until their return. Try to focus on what’s going right; just hearing your voice or reading your handwriting can be enough to brighten their day.

Service members want to hear about life back home, even if you find it boring! Their days can be demanding and difficult, so they love the escape of reliving the stories of your day and things they can look forward to.

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Military Appreciation

The soldiers fighting for America’s freedom deserve to be saluted and appreciated every day for their strength and courage as they defend our nation and freedom. In May, celebrate National Military Appreciation month and honor the members of the Armed Forces. Show how much you appreciate the sacrifice and service of our soldiers, sailors and pilots around the world. Hallmark carries military appreciation cards that let you send words of encouragement and support to the soldiers that defend our freedom. From cards that wish them a safe deployment to cards that welcome them home and all the days in between, remind them how proud you are, and how much you miss them, while they're overseas. Don't forget the military spouses and families who are also making a huge sacrifice. Show your support on the home front with military appreciation gifts and patriotic gifts to honor the soldiers in your life or display your patriotic spirit. You'll even find specific military gifts for each branch—Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard. No matter how you choose to show your support for our active duty servicemen and women and our veterans, Hallmark is here to help you find meaningful gifts and cards for those serving our country.