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Dr. Seuss’ Grinch Ornaments & Gifts

“Every Who down in Whoville liked Christmas a lot. But the Grinch who lived just North of Whoville did not!” If reading or watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas is an annual family event (whether the animated classic or the live-action version), celebrate Christmas just like the Whos. From Grinch figurines to Grinch wrapping paper, decorate your home for the holidays with the green grump. Sharing a Grinchy gift —maybe a Grinch book, mug or cute plush — with a friend may help their heart grow three sizes today! As you gather around the tree, celebrate the season with a touch of whimsy and the mischievous charm of the Grinch by adorning your Christmas tree with delightful Grinch ornaments. These ornaments capture the essence of Dr. Seuss's beloved tale in every detail. Share the joy with friends and family as you relive the heartwarming story of redemption and the true spirit of Christmas through these Grinch ornaments.

Dr. Seuss™ also brought us childhood favorites like The Cat in the Hat and Oh, The Places You’ll Go. A perfect way to encourage graduates by expressing the boundless possibilities they have in front of them, you can give a copy of the book, paired with a Dr. Seuss graduation card and some cash or other graduation gift. Dr. Seuss pop-up cards, whether for Christmas, birthdays or graduations, are sure to be displayed all year long.