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Back to School Ornaments

September is the end of summer and the time to go back to school. Kids start the school year excited to reconnect with friends and make some new ones, meet their teacher and learn new things. For many adults, their time spent in school holds a special place close to the heart. Memories come rushing back - playing hopscotch during recess, discovering a love for reading that carried on into adulthood, and forging friendships that endured throughout the years.

Watching your children and grandchildren experience school vividly brings those memories back to life. A back-to-school ornament can also be a reminder of those happy memories from long ago. Place a back-to-school ornament next to an old yearbook or school photo to celebrate that time in your life. Back-to-school ornaments are also a sweet gift for a child starting a new school year. Hallmark carries many artist crafted back-to-school ornaments, so find one today that will hold a special place in your life! Visit Back-to-School Ideas for tips to help make it a great start to a new school year.