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Memory Mayhem Game

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This mind-bending, multitasking game will really put your memory skills to the test. Memory Mayhem is a quick-thinking, fast-paced game of naming and remembering. Memorize the objects, make a mental note of the colors, and don't forget the numbers—but first you've got to answer the question, all against the clock! Can you hold that thought amid the memory mayhem? This great party game makes a clever hostess or birthday gift for everyone to enjoy.

  • Memory Mayhem, a mind-bending, multitasking game by Ginger Fox, puts your memory to the test.
  • Includes game cards, sand timer, 1 foam die and rules.
  • 2+ players.
  • Ages 12+.
  • Game box: 6.9" W x 3.5" H x 3.5" D