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Grandparents Day

Celebrated the first Sunday after Labor Day, Grandparents Day became a national holiday on Sept. 6, 1979. Grandparents Day will be Sunday, September 10 in 2023, and September 8 in 2024. While we at Hallmark love grandparents and Grandparents Day, we cannot take credit for founding the holiday—that honor goes to youth educator Marian McQuade, who wanted to educate young people in her community about the important contributions seniors have made. However, Hallmark is proud to offer a wide range of gifts for grandparents to help you wish them a Happy Grandparents Day. From figurines and picture frames to ornaments and Grandma mugs, we have grandparent gift ideas to fit your budget and your grandparents’ taste. We have gifts for new grandparents, as well as gifts for Nana, Grandma, Grammy, Abuela, Grandpa and Papa.  Don’t forget to wrap it in a pretty package with our gift wrap selection.

Of course, we also have Grandparents Day cards to help you celebrate your Grandma and Grandpa, or Papa and Nana—whatever term of affection you prefer to call them—as well as cards for great-grandparents for families blessed with four living generations to celebrate together. Whether your grandparents live across the country or just a few blocks away, they’ll be thrilled to get a Grandparents Day card in the mail from their grandchildren. Write or type your message on many cards or add photos to personalized photo cards, and we will stamp and mail it for you for free.