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Kids who dream of becoming a Kansas City Royal™ (and the parents who dream for them!) will love this exhilarating story, where your child becomes an All-Star. Watch your little phenom storm their way through the majors, from their very first tryout all the way to the World Series™! Fans will chant their name as they catch, throw, hit, slide, and steal their way to stardom—and they’ll have tons of fun along the way! Take story time to a whole new level with a Hallmark personalized book.
  • Create a character that looks just like your child by selecting the gender, eye color, skin tone, hair color and hairstyle—then add a name to create a story that’s all about him or her.
  • Add your name to the dedication page and book cover.
  • Available for boys or girls.
  • Online exclusive.
  • Hardcover; 20 pages.
  • 8.75"" W x 11.25"" H
  • Choose from all 30 Major League Baseball™ teams: New York Yankees™, Los Angeles Dodgers™, San Francisco Giants™, New York Mets™, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim™, Chicago Cubs™, Chicago White Sox™, Baltimore Orioles™, Washington Nationals™, Oakland Athletics™, Boston Red Sox™, Texas Rangers™, Philadelphia Phillies™, Houston Astros™, Miami Marlins™, Atlanta Braves™, Detroit Tigers™, Toronto Blue Jays™, Seattle Mariners™, Arizona Diamondbacks™, Minnesota Twins™, Cleveland Indians™, Colorado Rockies™, San Diego Padres™, Tampa Bay Rays™, St. Louis Cardinals™, Pittsburgh Pirates™, Kansas City Royals™, Cincinnati Reds™ and Milwaukee Brewers™.
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  • Review 5 out of 5 stars.

    Great Gift idea

    Great Gift idea

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    Reviewed by: Jennifer

  • Review 5 out of 5 stars.

    Personalized baseball book

    We ordered a personalized baseball book for our son's 6th birthday. It looks great! We know he will love it! Great images!

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    Reviewed by: Marta

  • Review 5 out of 5 stars.

    Great Book!

    I just know my nephew will have a lot of fun reading this!

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    Reviewed by: IRIS

  • Review 2 out of 5 stars.

    Feeling bittersweet. Equal parts amazing and upsetting

    The good: The story exceeded my expectation and the personalization features are enough to actually make the avatar look kind of like me. I like the touch of "Miller Park" being added into the story instead of just "the stadium". Oh, and the direct to store option was welcomed. Easily 5 stars on this aspect of the book. The bad: I've literally had the book for less than 24 hours and the binding is cracking and a page is already coming loose. In my excitement to share, it's only been passed around (opened and read) 4-5 times! Knowing a little about bookmaking myself, it doesn't actually look like bookbinding glue (usually white or clear) is used in the binding process but rather a cheaper yellow/gold glue. Based on this, a 3-10 year old would certainly destroy this book (perhaps even with parental oversight). The poor binding really detracts from the overall product. This aspect of the book=1 star.

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    Reviewed by: Brad

  • Review 4 out of 5 stars.

    New York Yankees™ Personalized Book

    Gave as a gift to new parents. They loved it for their child, because favorite team, personalized book which includes child's name and a book with a character that "looks" like child. Only one complaint is when ordering as a gift Hallmark shipping does not allow gift option which gives all customer information to sender.

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    Reviewed by: Lionie

  • Review 1 out of 5 stars.


    Love the idea but when I received the book I was very disapppinted. The front and back cover don't line up, and the pages on the top are curved like there was water damage. I would not expect this after paying so much money for a book!

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    Reviewed by: Julia

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