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Birthdays and Beyond Reversible Flat Wrapping Paper Assortment With Gift Tags, 12 sheets

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Wrap up a pile of colorful presents with this assortment of reversible flat wrapping paper sheets for birthdays and more.

  • Pack of 12 wrapping paper sheets, 4 each of 3 reversible designs: blue and white checkerboard/colorful shadow lettering, dots and dashes on white/confetti toss on red, colorful lettering on navy/smiley dots on white.
  • Each sheet approx. 20" W x 30" H
  • Our reversible wrap doesn't show through from one side to the other, so there's no chance of sneaking a peek at what's underneath.
  • Perfect for birthdays, graduations and other congrats occasions.
  • Includes 2 sheets of coordinating stickers with fill-in gift tag designs.
  • On colorful shadow lettering wrapping paper: Happy!
    On colorful lettering on navy wrapping paper: Yay!!! Woo-Hoo! Celebrate! Happy Birthday!