Congratulations Cards

Sometimes, knowing you just completed a job well done is reward in itself. But it's also validating to hear complimentary and congratulatory words from others. When you want to recognize someone for going above and beyond, send a congratulations card to tell them how proud you are of their accomplishments. When you browse our array of congrats greeting cards, you'll see cards for all sorts of ages and achievements. When your child brings home straight A's, nails their role in the school play, or scores a winning goal, give them a congratulations card for kids to capture your pride on paper. Teenagers will appreciate recognition when they get their drivers license, Eagle Scout award or a graduation card (especially one with cash inside!). But of course, kids aren't the only ones who like to hear positive feedback for their efforts. Let a friend know you want to celebrate with them when you send congratulations cards for a promotion or new job. Congratulations cards are fun to receive for other life milestones as well, whether it's new home cards for their first apartment, wedding cards to send the happy couple best wishes on their life together or a baby congratulations card for the cutest, sweetest, newest member of the family. Whether you like to say "Way to go!" or "So happy for you!" or maybe offer some "Cheers!", make sure to let them know how much their achievement, big or small, means to you, too. And if you live far away, let Hallmark sign your card for you. With our Sign & Send service, you type your personal message, and one of our card helpers—who all have fabulous handwriting—will scribe your message by hand to the card, plus we'll stamp and mail it for you.