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Christmas Tree Toppers

Christmas tree toppers provide the magical finishing touch to the tip of your Christmas tree, after you've added lights and ornaments. One of the most popular Christmas decorations around, tree toppers date back to the Victorian era in England, when angels were the most popular tree topper. Many families today continue to use an angel tree topper to represent the angel Gabriel from the Nativity Scene. Others use a star, to represent the Star of Bethlehem. Still others prefer a more non-traditional tree topper. Hallmark offers a range of both traditional star and angel tree toppers as well as unique Christmas tree toppers, like the Star Wars™ Death Star™ or a Harry Potter™ tree topper featuring lights and music. These elaborate tree toppers of the 21st century are ideal for themed trees and come with remote controls, so the lights and sounds can be initiated at any time. Other tree toppers connect to a light string to provide a bright glow atop the evergreen tree all day long. Shop Hallmark for everything you need for your tree, from toppers and ornaments to Christmas wrapping paper and the presents underneath.