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Cupcakes and Confetti Assorted Birthday Cards, Box of 20

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Birthday cards assortment pack features 20 unique designs to celebrate birthdays throughout the year. From cupcakes and candles to kites and rainbows, this bulk pack of cards is perfect for celebrating birthdays for kids, friends and family of any age.

  • Box includes 20 assorted birthday cards and envelopes.
  • Card messages:
    Rows of birthday candles design: Happy Birthday, Hope this day holds all the happy you can handle...; ...and hope a wish comes true with every single candle!
    Dog in party hat design: It's your big day!; Hope you're happy from head to tail
    Balloons design: Birthday Wishes; It's your day. All the wishes! All the happy! All for you!
    Lettering on stripes design: Happy Birthday Wishes; Just wishing you a special day filled with happiness and everything you enjoy!
    Birthday birds on sunflower design: A happy little birthday wish...; happy-up your birthday!
    Stacked ice-cream scoops design: There's no such thing as too much good stuff on your birthday.; Enjoy every bit of it!
    Balloons on yellow design: Happy Birthday; Hope your birthday brings one good thing after another.
    Cupcakes design: Happy, Happy Birthday...; ...and many, many more!
    People flying kites design: Hope your birthday is the beautiful day you deserve...; ...filled with happiness and the things you enjoy most.
    Cat with cupcake design: Having a fun birthday is 90% attitude and 10% sugar.; Hope you have a really fun birthday! Cupcake with candle design: Today's Your Day; A day to make a wish... A whole year to make it come true. Happy Birthday
    Pink floral design: Birthday Wishes; Thinking about you on your birthday, and wishing you the very best of everything.
    Cat holding balloon design: Happy Birthday; The whole world is nicer because of people like you.
    Cupcake on plate design: Here's hoping today is a bright, shining start to a year fresh with wonder and possibility.; Wishing you a very Happy Birthday
    Colorful dots design: Happy Birthday to You!; There could never be a day as amazing as you, but that's the kind of day you deserve.
    Floating balloons design: Bring on the happy. Bring on the birthday.; Bring on the celebration of YOU!
    Tall birthday candles design: No wish is too big...; ...for someone so loved.
    Lots of sprinkles cupcake design: Happy Birthday; Hope all your wishes come true!
    Rainbow and cloud design: Extra happy; Hope your birthday's all you wished for... with a cherry on top.
    Three party hats design: happy happy birthday; So lucky to know you... so glad to have you in my life... so happy to celebrate you on your special day.
  • Card pkg. size: 5.25" W x 7.31" H x 1.1" D