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Sympathy Cards

When a friend, co-worker or loved one suffers the loss of someone in their life, it's often hard to know what to say or how to help. Grief is personal, and we try to figure out the most comforting way to help them. Whether it's a sudden loss, or a loss after a long illness, those left behind can feel helpless, lonely and devastated. It can be a challenge to strike the right tone for connection and comfort—but it is important to reach out and say something during this difficult time. Let them know you are there for them during this trying time. Brighten their day with your kind, heartfelt gesture.

Hallmark offers hundreds of sympathy cards to help you lift the spirits of those who most need your support. Our sympathy cards feature beautiful calligraphy and soothing imagery, and are filled with kind and gentle messages of care and concern as well as faith, certain to bring light and peace of mind to anyone experiencing such profound sadness and grief. You'll find cards appropriate for any loss, as well as condolence cards specific to certain needs, like those for loss of a parent, loss of a husband or wife, loss of a child or baby, and even sympathy cards for pets.

Now that you've found the right condolence note, how do you know what to write in a sympathy card? Hallmark writers offer expert tips for all sorts of bereavement situations, to help you with your personal, handwritten message of condolence. Gestures big and small also let them know how much you care. Hallmark experts have suggestions for how to help in the days immediately following a loss as well as on an ongoing basis as the weeks and months go by—because healing takes time, and triggers for grief can feel very random. Don't forget to acknowledge special anniversaries, like the first birthday or Christmas without their loved one, or the anniversary of their passing. Hallmark offers a collection of meaningful bereavement gifts and ornaments that offer lovely ways to memorialize their loved one.

If you're the recipient of all the love and support after your loss, we have a collection of sympathy thank-you cards to help you express your appreciation for the thoughts, prayers, support, food, caring and kind gestures shown to you and your family.