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Lifetime of Memories Spanish-Language Birthday Card for Sister

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Birthday greeting card for sister features a photo of a bunch of balloons tied to the handlebar of a bicycle. Unique design features blue foil lettering and an overall metallic finish creating a tintype effect. Pink and yellow satin ribbons add a flutter of fun. Message in Spanish with English translation on back.

Cuando una hermana cumple años, no se celebra solamente ese día, sino toda una vida de recuerdos.
When a sister has a birthday, we don't just celebrate a day but a lifetime of memories...
Cuando pienso en los momentos más especiales, los momentos que nunca olvidaré, ahí a mi lado estabas y estarás siempre tú. Feliz Cumpleaños Con Todo Mi Cariño
And when I think of the most special moments, the moments I will never forget, always there, by my side, there is and there will always be you. Happy Birthday With Love
Card pkg. size: 5" W x 7.19" H
Includes one card and one envelope with a Gold Crown seal. Envelope color may vary.