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Schitt's Creek David and Alexis Funny Cards, Pack of 2

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Funny cards assortment features two unique designs from the cult comedy series "Schitt's Creek." This two-pack of anytime greeting cards from Shoebox is perfect for sharing happy birthday wishes, notes of hello, congrats and more with friends, family members or anyone who loves the deadpan musings and backhanded compliments of David and Alexis Rose.

  • Includes 2 unique cards and 2 envelopes.
  • Card messages:
    David design: I'm trying very hard not to connect with people right now.; I've made an exception in your case. You're welcome.
    Alexis design: Apparently, cards are like, a thing now.; And look at you, getting one from me. Love that for you.
  • Each card size approx. 5" W x 7.19" H