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Assorted Mahogany All-Occasion Greeting Cards in Green Watercolor Organizer, Box of 24

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All-occasion Mahogany greeting cards assortment features vibrant illustrations and designs including bold patterns, colorful geometrics, fun party and soothing nature scenes accented by eye-catching foil, glitter and metallic ink details—all housed in a beautiful watercolor storage box designed in green, black and tan hues. Reusable organizer box includes a magnetic closure and 6 divider tabs to organize cards by occasion.

  • Box includes 24 assorted cards and envelopes: 10 birthday, 2 celebrate, 2 wedding/anniversary, 2 sympathy, 2 thinking-of-you, 1 baby, 1 congrats, 2 thank-yous, 2 blank.
  • Die-cut balloon design: Happy Birthday; A wish that your birthday finds you happy, that life treats you right and keeps your spirits high.
    Zebra and confetti design: Get your party on!; And don't stop until you get enough of all the happy you deserve!
    Candlelit cupcake design: Birthday Glow; Hope that shine lasts all year long! Happy celebrating!
    Patterned rays design: Happy Birthday; It's your day to know how important you are to everyone around you, to every heart touched by your soul's unique blend of love, joy, and God's amazing grace.
    Pearlescent balloons design: Joy-filled, soul-filled, love-filled…; Wishing you that kind of birthday and then some.
    Deep coral stripes design: Happy you day!; You are uniquely, naturally, boldly you. And that's something truly worth celebrating.
    Male silhouette word art design: role model, hero, friend, good man, leader, blessing, gentleman, confidant, encourager, friend; You're someone I admire and I'm so grateful to know. Celebrating you today and always.
    Floral female silhouette: You have such a beautiful spirit.; You're a powerful source of good in so many lives, especially mine. Thank You
    Glam cake on stand design: You are the only one who can be who you are and do what you do. Own that! And celebrate it!
    Birthday cake on orange design: Birthday blessings; Count on them; Hope your birthday and the whole year are filled with all the good stuff God has for you. You deserve it!
    Confetti on black design: Let's celebrate!; ...good times and good people like you.
    Abstract diagonal stripes design: Today's just for you; It's a day to be proud of all you are and all you mean to everyone who knows and loves you.
    Sunny baby mobile design: Baby; Kissed by a rainbow and warmed by the sun... welcome, sweet welcome, to you, Little One.
    Adinkra symbol on gold design: Always and Forever; Wishing you love and happiness together—today... tomorrow... forever and ever!; Odo nyera fie kwan is the Adinkra symbol of love, devotion, and faithfulness.
    Marbled green and gray border design: How to make a happy life together: Care for each other. Look out for each other. Celebrate together. Overcome together. Pray together. Laugh together. Be there for each other. Lift each other up. Love each other.; Congratulations on another year of getting it right, you two! Happy Anniversary
    Colorful earth-tone arcs design: You are not this moment.; You're dealing with a lot right now, but you've got a lot more strength than you know. Plus, you've got people to help you through. Hold on. Better days are coming.
    Green leaves on plum design: Thinking of you; Hoping you take some time to rest and renew your spirit.
    Multicolor chevrons design: That's what I'm talkin' about!; I see you. I see what you do. It's hard to miss all your brilliance and shine. Congratulations!
    Muted sunset design: God promises a glorious homegoing to His beloved children.; Hope knowing your loved one is being celebrated and joyfully welcomed home brings you comfort and peace.
    Abstract gray ovals design: With deepest sympathy.; Remember that your loss is shared by those who care and that you're in our thoughts and prayers.
    Geometric print and stripe frame design: Thank you; for making such a difference.
    Hand holding bouquet design: So thankful for you; The world needs more people with your heart. Your kindness does a lot of good, and you should know, it doesn't go unnoticed. I'm so thankful you're in my life.
    Orange watercolor design: Count the really good blessings twice; (blank).
    Leopard print design: (blank).
  • Each card size varies.
  • Card organizer storage box measures 9.5" W x 7" H x 5.5" D