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Our Vision

Mahogany is past meets present meets future…combined. It’s a lover’s kiss, a baby’s smile, a mother’s touch and embrace. Mahogany is warmth, passion, beauty and strength. It’s laughter, tears, wisdom…respect. Mahogany is rhythm, reflections, remembrances…truth. It’s yearning and striving and thriving…surviving. Mahogany is love and life and power and pain. It’s spiritual, regal, humble…bold. Mahogany is motion, experiences, triumphs and visions. It’s sons, daughters…women and men. Mahogany is African and American and undeniably me.

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Kwanzaa and HBCU Cards

Unique cards

Much like our other card lines, Mahogany includes cards for just about any occasion. But we also have cards unique to Mahogany like our Homegoing sympathy cards, Kwanzaa cards and HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) graduation cards. Our writing and design styles are also unique to the Mahogany line.

Senior Writer

"It takes a certain kind of empathy and compassion to do this job. You have to put yourself into places and experiences that aren't necessarily yours. You have to understand relationships between people and enter them without being noticed. You have to see what makes those experiences and relationships valuable and write in ways that make the message feel real and resonant to both the giver and the recipient of the sentiment. That's what I love about it most."

Mahogany Senior Writer Melvina Young

Senior Writer

"Mahogany is a celebration of Black culture:  the strong faith, the love for Big Mama, the spirit of survival and cool. I count it a privilege to contribute to such a strong tradition."

Associate Editor

"I love working with our mix of talents to help someone say just the right thing. I'm very fortunate to be on the Mahogany team and do work that's all about keeping people close."

Mahogany Associate Editor Terrence Campbell
Mahogany birthday card

A favorite card in the Mahogany line

This birthday card features a rich floral illustration, fresh color palette, and warm hand lettering paired with an affirming, strong message inside. It’s a winning combination that has made this Mahogany card consistently popular for 3 years.

The inside message reads:
You love who you are and appreciate the journey
that has brought you this far.

You are the kind of woman who becomes more radiant
with each passing year,
with each step you take along life's road...


...and you deserve all the admiration and celebration
that comes your way—and not just today...every day.

Happy Birthday

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