WoodWick® candles & home fragrance

The popping and crackling sounds of a fireplace elicit happy memories for many people. With WoodWick® candles, you can relive the soothing sounds of those moments just by lighting a candle thanks to unique natural wooden wicks that crackle as they burn. Shop Hallmark when you're looking for where to buy WoodWick Fireside, their signature scent in a blend of amber, vetiver and musk that captures the essence of a cozy night by the fire. Of course, WoodWick offers highly fragranced candles in a wide variety of scents, from holiday scents like frosted vanilla and yuletide wreath, to spring florals like lavender and lilac. No matter the size of candle you're looking for, WoodWick has something for you: from large 3-wick candles to mini candles great for stocking stuffers. WoodWick Trilogy candles contains three layers of color and fragrance, and WoodWick HearthWick candles have a long, ribbon-like wick that burns most evenly when lit  all the way across.

Or, for constant home fragrance without the flame, consider a WoodWick diffuser—either a spillproof diffuser or a reed diffuser. Infused with essential oils, these diffusers are the perfect way to continuously lend fragrance to any space. When the fragrance runs out, you can purchase a diffuser refill that includes both reeds and liquid fragrance. Make sure your car smells as delightful as your home with WoodWick car vent fresheners, available in multiple scents. Just clip the container with scented beads to your car vent, or store in another small space, like a closet.

Candles make great hostess and housewarming gifts. While you're browsing Hallmark's candle and fragrance options, pick up a gift bag, a thoughtful card, and you're ready to go!