Until We Hug Again


The little ones in your life are always on your mind.

You hope they're happy, comfortable, having a good day, feeling good about themselves and, most of all, know they're loved. But it's hard to ensure all of these positive emotions while you're at work, traveling on business or don't live close enough to remind them of all these things yourself.

Huggable Bear and Bunny

Until We Hug Again stuffed animals let you tell kids how much they're adored every time they hug their adorable bunny or bear companion. Record a message that you know they'll want to hear again and again, and you'll both feel better about the times you have to spend apart.



Two huggable characters to choose from...

Who's cuter, the super sweet pink bunny or the can't-help-but-hug-him bear? Each has its own unique qualities. Their patches of varying colors and patterns make them perfectly imperfect and totally lovable, just like your favorite kid.



Find one at your local Hallmark Gold Crown store.