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Rainbow Brite Dolls, Books and Gifts

Rainbow Brite is back! A cherished friend to children of the '80s and a positive voice for kids of today, Rainbow Brite has returned with her best friend, Starlite, and her friendly little sprites. Get ready, because she's about to challenge the forces of gloom and make this world a brighter place! Fans of the original 1980s show can relive their childhoods with the Rainbow Brite Series on DVD. Or, watch the updated animated series on Hallmark Movies Now. Young readers will enjoy Rainbow Brite books and comic books. Rainbow Brite collectors and fans old and young will be thrilled with the Rainbow Brite dolls, sprite, itty bittys® and stuffed horses, Starlite and Sunriser. Rainbow's message of friendship and positivity never gets old.

Brighten up any day and have fun bringing all the classic Rainbow Brite characters, including Starlite, Sunriser, Twink and the other sprites, to life with downloadable free Rainbow Brite coloring pages for kids and adults. Rainbow Brite and her friends challenge the forces of gloom, in a struggle to keep the world bright and colorful, and to keep our hearts hopeful and happy.