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When you close your eyes, do you dream about floating through life with the adventure and childlike wonder of fairies? Hallmark’s Gardenfair gifts can help you add a little wonder and magic to your own little corner of the world—with a fairy garden. Whether you’d like to find a place where your creative spirit can fly, or you simply want to create a natural sanctuary of peace and tranquility, a fairy garden will help you slow down and find quiet pleasure in every day.

From terrariums, moss and garden decorations to actual fairy doors, benches and fairy furniture, with Gardenfair, you’re sure to find everything you need to create a charming and unique oasis—and lure a fairy who will enjoy inhabiting your home and sharing her spirit of playfulness with you. Spend an afternoon creating your fairy home with our fairy garden supplies, or create her little dwelling in an instant with our easy fairy garden kit. (It’s so easy, no sprinkling of fairy dust is needed!)

Does your fairy crave an ocean getaway instead of a garden? We even have a new fairy and fairy house featuring a beach theme.  

And if you need a little inspiration on how to make a fairy garden, watch Hallmark’s favorite decorator, Will Brown, share some of his fairy garden expertise.