Keepsake Ornament Legacy Cord

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Bring light, motion, music and other sounds back to your vintage Keepsake Magic Ornaments. This convenient cord will power up to four Keepsake Magic Ornaments produced in 2009 and earlier.
  • Christmas tree ornament electrical power supply cord.
  • Compatible with Keepsake Magic Ornaments from 2009 or earlier that were light-string powered originally. (Ornaments not included.)
  • Powers up to 4 of the compatible ornaments.
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  • Review 5 out of 5 stars.

    My old ornaments are lit again

    I have all of the Star Trek ornaments and several could not be fully used because of the way the new Christmas lights are made. This cord makes them usable again and I love it!

    Bought for: Myself

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    Reviewed by: TAMARA

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  • Review 5 out of 5 stars.

    it works!

    For years I have not been able to light up my two Star Trek ornaments which were given to me in the 1990s by a very dear friend. This cord allows me to light these again. Joy! So many memories. Yes the little power boxes are maybe bigger than they need to be but they just tuck further back in the branches so not a big deal at all. Yes the power cord box is a little big but since I bought a pre-lit LED tree this year, that has a bigger power box, so I just plugged both into a power strip and life is good. Thanks Hallmark for retrofitting my memories this Christmas.

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    Reviewed by: Kerry

  • Review 3 out of 5 stars.

    Works but needs improvements

    I had been hoping that Hallmark would create an adapter for legacy ornaments, and this almost fills the need. Unfortunately, the cord twists awkwardly and makes it hard to display the ornaments on a table. The boxes into which you plug the ornament are too large and rather unattractive, and there is no way to string the cords together, so you have to find plug space for every four legacy ornaments you have. And finally, one of my Hallmark ornaments had a plug too large to fit, so I had to re-wire it myself into a smaller plug. It would have been nice is Hallmark had included adapters for other-sized plugs.

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    Reviewed by: Brian

  • Review 3 out of 5 stars.

    Works as described

    Picture doesn't make clear how large the connectors are; they seem to be much larger than really necessary. Other have mentioned the difficulty of finding sufficient outlets; I solved this by buying a special green 'extension cord' made for use in a tree with multiple single outlets along it's length. ( I had already bought it to use with the previous 'magic cord' we bought for ornaments a couple years ago, and to power the 'tree topper'.) Someone who knew how to find and refurbish older light strings could clearly make a nice living providing those on eBay for a competitive price ! I was surprised to read that some people had trouble with getting this to power their larger old Hallmark displays. Part of the problem might be wear of the connectors, but it also sounds like someone in engineering really dropped the ball on the design of this thing. Given some of the quality work we have seen from Hallmark in the past, this seems rather out of character, especially at the price.

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    Reviewed by: Daniel

  • Review 1 out of 5 stars.

    Power cords

    They are very large outlets and I wish they held more than 4 ornaments. I have many more ornaments that I can't put up because if how much space they take up. I have 1 sting of light for all 12 of my church ornaments. and it works fine but now I can get those lite strings anymore.

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    Reviewed by: Bridget

  • Review 1 out of 5 stars.

    Didnt work for me

    I have every lighthouse ornament from the first series and they do not work with this cord although they are on the list of ornaments that work with the cord. I got one to light but I could only do so by juggling the cord and as soon as I let go it went out. Most would not even light. VERY Disappointed. These were a big investment and now cant be used at all. I need to find an old set of lights to possibly be able to light them again.

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    Reviewed by: DEBORAH

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