Host and Hostess Gifts

The number one rule of thumb for being a good party guest is to not show up empty-handed. There are always the old standby gifts for your hosts: fresh flowers or a bottle of wine. And while this gesture is certainly appreciated, we're here to provide longer lasting and more inspired, creative hostess gift ideas. Your gift doesn't have to break the bank, and these gift ideas span across price ranges so you can splurge on a gift when you're staying in your host's home for a weekend (or longer!) trip, or find something fun yet cost-effective for a dinner party.

Hallmark offers gift ideas for everyone and every occasion. Invited to Thanksgiving dinner? A Thanksgiving hostess gift might be a new serving platter or herbs in a jar. You'll find gifts for the home, for the kitchen and pampering gifts for the bath. Whether your host is a wine lover, a baker or foodie or a gardener, we have just the thing. No matter what you choose, the important thing is that you're showing your gratitude and appreciation to your host and hostess.

Another great idea is to stockpile several gifts for the hostess. You'll have them on hand for your next baby shower or Christmas party invitation, without having to run to the store and frantically look for something appropriate. Regardless of the event, make your hostess' day a little brighter by following up afterwards with a handwritten thank-you note that expresses how much her hospitality was appreciated.