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Holiday: Halloween 10/31

Holiday Birthday Cards

Do you have a friend who has to share their birthday with a holiday? Get them a special birthday card that acknowledges their holiday birthday and let them know having their birthday on a holiday makes the day twice as great. There are pros and cons of having a Valentine's Day birthday. On the pro side: lots of love and chocolate all day long. On the con side, flowers are more expensive and restaurants are packed full so you'd better make a reservation ahead of time. Maybe you know someone with a birthday on March 17. Get them a St. Patrick's Day birthday card. St. Pat's is a lucky day to have a birthday because there are lots of parties, parades and fun all day long. Springtime birthdays and November birthdays only have to share their birthday with Easter or Thanksgiving every few years because of the rotating dates of those holidays. Halloween birthdays are fun too, so make sure to celebrate with a Halloween birthday card. If you're a child, you get pounds of candy every birthday. If you're an adult, you have a great reason to throw a theme party. People with Christmas birthdays are used to having their birthdays overlooked or forgotten, so give them a happy surprise on December 25 with a unique Christmas birthday card. And as every parent of a Christmastime baby knows, don't wrap birthday presents with Christmas wrapping paper! Sometimes holiday birthdays are fun to celebrate on their half birthday instead so you have a day all your own—and it gives December birthdays a chance to have a picnic or pool party instead of worrying about snow and ice. Whenever you choose to celebrate your holiday birthday, Hallmark wants you to have a very happy birthday!