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It’s that time of year again. For pomp and circumstance. Caps and gowns. Hopes and dreams. It’s time for graduations. Congratulations. And especially, celebrations.

When it comes to graduation parties, the key is getting just the right mix of looking back and looking forward. And we’ve got the ideas to help you do just that:

The wonder years
Make a slide show or video of your graduate’s life from birth day to graduation day. Narrate the show with funny and/or touching moments. Make sure you take new photos and/or video during the graduation party so you can add it to the show later. Make copies to give to the graduate, as well as close family and friends.

You’ve got the sweetest little baby face
Having a party with lots of grads? Put all their baby pictures on display, and have a contest to see who can correctly identify the most faces. Near the end of the party, put up current photos of the grads (senior pictures work well) beside their baby pictures.

Wit ’n’ wisdom
Ask invited guests to write letters of advice for the graduate. Let the writers know their advice can be funny and/or serious. Choose some great ones to read aloud at the party. (Note: This is a great way for those who aren’t able to attend the party to be there in spirit.) Gather all the letters in a scrapbook.

Wit ’n’ wisdom—the sequel
Use a video camera at the party to ask those in attendance to offer words of advice to the graduate. The faces and voices of those who shared their day will become a treasured memento.

You’ve got mail
Pass around an address book at the party with a page for each guest to include their name, address, phone number, email address, birthday and so on.

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