Yellin' It Like It Is Maxine Sound Button Yellin' It Like It Is Maxine Sound Button

Yellin' It Like It Is Maxine Sound Button

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Maxine is definitely "yellin' it like it is" with this sound button. Press the button to hear one of 12 different Maxine sound bites. Learn more about our partnership with Maxine.
  • On button: Yellin' it like it is!
  • Plays 12 spoken phrases when button is pressed:
    Ask not what your country can do for you. Seriously, it stopped listening years ago.
    Hey, wonder if "buy one get one free" also applies to elected officials?
    If those politicians really want to clean up this town, they should start with my garage.
    I'm what you'd call a "crabbertarian."
    These candidates do more flip-flopping than my boobs. Vote Maxine.
    The best way to combat global warming is to get all the politicians to shut up.
    I think conservatives and liberals should BOTH move more toward the middle of the road. Makes it easier to run them over.
    I'm as patriotic as the next tax-dodging, speed-limit-flaunting non-voter.
    How's this for a political platform... Don't lie through your teeth.
    Recycling can make a definite political statement. For instance, I use the political section of the newspaper to line my birdcage.
    Sagging economy? I can identify!
    The last time I voted was Thomas Dewey.
  • Plastic.
  • 3.625" W x 2.625" H x 2.5" D
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