itty bittys Plush

Hallmark itty bittys plush are big fun. These stuffed animals are sturdy, cuddly, and the perfect size to insert in a backpack, add to a gift, stick in an Easter basket or use as a stocking stuffer. And we have so many characters to choose from! Shop favorites from Disney like Frozen, Toy Story or The Haunted Mansion. Harry Potter fans can act out the books with a whole array of leading and supporting characters, from Harry himself to Voldemort and Gilderoy Lockhart. You'll also find these adorable minis in a range of characters from Star WarsDC Comics, and Nickelodeon shows. Throwback itty bittys from 1980s movies like E.T., Back to the Future or Beetlejuice, TV series like The Golden Girls, as well as '80s-themed shows like Stranger Things, offers a trip down memory lane.  Check back often to see what’s new—they won’t be around for long, but we're always introducing new ones to collect, including special holiday-themed ones. Browse our other stuffed animals and kids gifts for other unique gift ideas your little ones will love.