Discovering The World Embroidered 7x11 Pillow

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Add a sentimental touch with this linen and twill pillow, featuring the picturesque image of a mother and father swinging their daughter between them. Artist Ken Sheldon's compelling sketch, with its clean lines and subtle shading, captures at a glance the tangible bonds of love. Perfect as a gift for any parent who knows the joy of Discovering the world together.
  • Embroidered on pillow: Discovering the world together.
  • Fabric.
  • Back of pillow is a dark color with embroidered signature.
  • 11" W x 7" H x 4” D
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    Ken Sheldon

    Inspired by the way family stories unfold over time and moments that feel true for all of us, artist Ken Sheldon’s sketches highlight the significant gestures of joy and love that define our lives. Learn more about Ken Sheldon.
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