Max the Dog Kids Gift Set

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Little Max loves his human friend, Maya, but he is having the hardest time telling her! No matter what he tries, Maya doesn’t seem to understand what Max is trying to say. This adorable book pairs with its coordinating interactive stuffed animal that spins, speaks and barks, for the perfect gift for your little one.
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Love to the Max Pup Interactive Stuffed Animal, 9"

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  • Plush fabric.
  • Features sound and motion.
  • Says 1 of 7 phrases: Whooooo wants a puppy hug? Well, come and get it!
    Doggone it, I like you! Raise the woof!
    Guess what? I really dig you!
    You make me one happy puppy!
    Got a smooch for a pooch? I’m beggin’ ya!
    Who do I love? You-arooooh!
    Wanna know something? You’re the best!
  • Battery-operated (included).
Regular price $32.95