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Celebrate a friend, daughter, mother or another special woman in your life with this beautiful book of dreamy, sparkling photography and crafted quotes highlighting the many ways her spirit shines.
  • Features premium cloth cover with hard binding; 80 pages.
  • 6.75" W x 8.625” H
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    Hello, I am not sure who wrote this book or who did the photography, but to whom ever it concerns I want you to know that it deeply touched my heart. I came across this book a few hours ago in kroger, of all places, I need to mention that leading up to getting to kroger I was having a cry session in my car and praying alot because I was feeling so down and defieted. I was praying for God to show me who I was and what I am to Him and to show me I matter. I even told God I feel like all my feelings and love for people just didnt matter, and that I didnt matter. So I prayed some more and finally went into kroger. I spent over and hour in the store because I wanted to be calm, cool, collected and happy before I went home to see my hisband because its date night tonight and tommrow he has to go into shift,he is an atl firefighter. So I walked around aimlessy and kept praying and then I felt like God wanted me to buy a card and write something nice in it for a stranger, so I strolled on over to the card section. And all I could think of was how I am an emotional wreck, with my dried tear stains, animal cookies in my cart, in the card aisle aimlessy seeking for something, haha. Let go back a little it time so you can get the full picture......Ironically God had been healing me of alot and showing me who He purposed me to be for quite some time now. Over the past few months Ive been going through storm after storm, however God has been so faithful to me in this all. He freed me from opression and fear, and whatever else, you name it, I felt/feel it. God has purposed me with the ability to identify with those hurting and in need of a true friend ever since I was a little girl. Through all my harships as a child and in life, God showed me at a young age in the most terifying moment of my life to focus on the good in all things and all people no matter the circumstance and to hold His hand and trust Him through it all. And I promise He has shelded me and covered me my whole life. Maybe not in the natural sense but in His way. Most that know me see me as the happy, wholesome, artsy, carefree Christian good girl. However, I never beleived it myself, because deep down I had pain from feeling so much and experienceing alot of heart ache myself. You see life isnt always as it seems, and the ability to see the light in the face of adversity is God protecting and shielding me. To this day I still get bullied for who I am, people twist so much. I could go on forever but at that point it would be a book, haha so I will spare you. Now back to me in the hopeless state of mind in the card aisle at Kroger, haha. After not being able to find a card I went to the book section, prayed and stumbled upon this book. I instantly smiled, because the cover was so pretty (I actually outlet my emotions in writeing poetry, painting and doing photography myself) abd I thought oh wow a smile, now we are getting somewhere. I picked it up to book and read page by page completly enamored. God then whispered in my heart, this is for you Amber, this is how I see you and how I love you. I melted and instantly bought it, and just changed my mood. One day I know God will show me who to give it to, however for now I beleive this is for me. So all that to say, thank you for blessing me. I will forever br greatful for your heart to share. Thank you, Amber

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    Reviewed by: Amber Jade