Clergy Appreciation

Clergy Appreciation Day is celebrated annually the second Sunday in October. In 2019, Clergy Appreciation Day will be October 13, and in 2020, it will be October 11. For the thousands of priests, ministers and pastors—and their families—across the United States, their service to God, their churches and their congregation is a hugely rewarding occupation, but one that also requires sacrifice and commitment. Clergy work long hours to make themselves available to parishioners in need. They're expected to be positive, answer many questions, share their faith, and be responsible for the spiritual well-being of their congregation. In addition to leading church services, pastors and ministers oversee weddings, funerals and baptisms; visit sick and homebound parishioners; teach Bible classes; organize and participate in all church functions; and provide counseling and spiritual guidance.

It's an often-thankless job, so consider providing some positive affirmation to your pastors and ministers during Clergy Appreciation Month. Whether the congregation organizes a formal pastor appreciation event or you want to send a personal note, start with a pastor appreciation card. Available for pastors, ministers and priests, you'll find one perfect for your clergyperson. Also included are cards that celebrate clergy birthdays, anniversaries, ordinations and new pastoral assignments. Several of the clergy appreciation cards from Hallmark and DaySpring also include gratitude toward the pastor's spouse or family for sharing their partner or parent with church members.

If you'd like to give more than a card, Hallmark has a full selection of religious gifts, from home decor to books about faith. Other great ways to recognize Clergy Appreciation Day are with acts of service; you could bring your priest a home-cooked meal or offer to babysit your pastor's children. Those gestures of goodwill will long be remembered.