Studio INK® Snail Mail Kit

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Our Studio INK® Snail Mail Kit has everything you need to mail actual letters through the post office to family and friends. This fun kit includes 5 all-occasion cards with different designs plus envelopes, 1 set of alphabet stencils, 3 assorted sticker sheets and 3 colored pencils. Texts and posts are for sissies. Make a special someone's day when they go to their mailbox and find a funky cool card from you (and Hallmark).
  • Includes: 5 designed cards for various occasions, 5 envelopes, 1 alphabet stencil template, 3 sticker sheets and 3 coloring pencils.
  • Packaged in a kraft paper box.
  • 8" H x 5.5" W x 1.25” D
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