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You're a Slam Dunk Birthday Card

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Front Message: Have a winning birthday!
Inside Message: (basketball card) Why did the chicken run onto the basketball court? Because the referee called a fowl. Where do the best basketball players in Europe come from? Swisherland. Know why cats can't play basketball? They keep throwing up airballs. What's a basketball player's favorite pastry? Turnovers. Know why kangaroos make great basketball players? They have an excellent jump shot.
(baseball card) What's a baseball player's favorite snack? Sliders. Why did the baseball player get arrested? He stole second. Where do baseball players go in New York City? The Umpire State Building. Know why the hitter quit the baseball team? He wanted to strike out on his own. Why shouldn't giraffes play baseball? They can't play short.
(soccer card) Did you hear about the person who took a soccer test? He passed. Where do soccer players buy their shirts? New Jersey. What do you call it when a Brontosaurus gets a goal? A Dino-Score. How is soccer like eating mashed potatoes? You shouldn't use your hands. Why are soccer players so smart? They're always using their heads.
(football card) What did the football coach say when the gum ball machine broke? I want my quarter back! What do loud football players wear? Yell-mets. Know why poison ivy got penalized? For rashing the quarterback. Know what football players do when they go to the mountains on vacation? Hike. What do football-playing skunks wear? Smell-mets.
You're a slam dunk, you're a touchdown, you're a clutch home run! So make your birthday goal to have all-star fun!
Carefully remove joke cards and let the laughs begin!

Happy-faced sporting equipment and a line-up of jokes go hand-in-hand on the cover of this birthday card, while shiny foil accents dress up the raised design for a fun finish. Includes four removable joke cards for sideline comedy shows.
  • Birthday greeting card features raised design, foil and 4 joke cards.
  • Carefully remove joke cards and let the laughs begin!.
  • Includes one card and one envelope with a Gold Crown seal. Envelope color may vary.
  • Card size: 5.75" W x 8.25" H
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