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T-Rex Awesome Birthday Card T-Rex Awesome Birthday Card T-Rex Awesome Birthday Card

T-Rex Awesome Birthday Card

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Inside Message: Look under each dino to find a fun fact!
On flap: Stegosaurus
Under flap: This herbivore ate more than just plants—it also ate rocks! Stegosaurus would swallow small rocks (called gastroliths) to help mash up the vegetable matter in its stomach.
On flap: Tyrannosaurus Rex
Under flap: The "tyrant lizard" was so big and bad that it could bite off 500 pounds of meat with just one snap of its mighty jaws. Talk about having a big mouth! ?
On flap: Pteranodon
Under flap: This flying reptile (NOT a dinosaur—surprise!) had a wingspan of up to 35 feet. That's as long as a hang glider!
Hope your birthday is a shakin' quakin' rockin' shockin' stompin' chompin' dino-mite adventure!

Dinosaurs are big fun for kids, and this fact-filled card will not disappoint your paleontologist in training. With colorful graphics and fun facts, the card will be as entertaining as the gift.
  • Includes envelope and Gold Crown seal. Envelope color may vary.
  • Die-cut design.
  • 5.75" W x 8.25" H
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