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Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces Day, celebrated the third Saturday in May, honors soldiers who serve in the U.S. military. It's the perfect time to pay tribute to these true-life heroes for their bravery and sacrifice.  Show that soldier, marine, sailor or pilot some extra appreciation on May 15, 2021, and celebrate your hero.

While a small token of appreciation or Armed Forces Day card doesn't make up for the sacrifices that our armed forces members and their families make, it does help them know we understand the importance of their mission and role in defending our country and protecting our freedom overseas. Our soldiers are sons and daughters, husbands and wives, brothers and sisters, and parents. An itty bittys® decked out in camo makes a great toy for a child to cuddle with while their parents are deployed.

Whether your friend or family member serves in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard, active duty or reserves, take a few minutes to acknowledge and appreciate their courageous and patriotic service for our country. Happy Armed Forces Day!