60-second sweets: snow day snowballs

Let the good times snowball with these easy shortbread cookies

Hallmark staff
60-Second Sweets How-To Video: Shortbread Cookies #Hallmark #HallmarkIdeas

Baking on a snow day? Try these easy shortbread cookies for a sweet project, and let it snow indoors, too! Get inspired with our 60-second sweets video below, download the shortbread cookie recipe and get ready to let the good times snowball!

Need more inspiration? Brush back the winter blues and bake up a winter wonderland with these 8 snowy-white dessert recipes.

Video credits: Director: Christopher Dorsey, Photographer: Ken Sabatini, Stylist: Andy Newcom, Producer: Jennifer Dreiling, Editor: Jon Quigg, Lettering Artist: Jim Langford, Music: Chris Johnson

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