Comfort food: potpies

Warm up with these 5 potpie recipes

By Jennifer Fujita
Pot pie recipes

In the depths of winter, even the hardiest souls can feel a little weary. Which is why we have potpies. The potpie is pure hibernation food—rib sticking, soul warming and unpretentious. Since its humble beginnings as a means for thrifty cooks to stretch leftover meat and vegetables, the potpie has become classic nostalgia food.

Pot pie recipe

There are endless variations on these pies, but they all deliver contentment under their golden pastry lids. Nothing can be wrong in the world when you’re presented with this mix of goodies bathed in an abundance of gravy topped with a piecrust.

Try one of these delicious potpie recipes for a meal that feels not just homemade, but handmade:

Each of these recipes calls for a 1½- to 2-quart casserole dish and makes one pie that feeds about four to six people. Feel free to make the fillings up two days ahead and refrigerate before topping with the crust and baking, but allow the filling to reach room temperature before you bake.

Jennifer Fujita writes recipes and tests them on her family and Hallmark co-workers. If you meet her, she is likely to force food upon you, then demand your opinion while you’re still chewing.

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