Text Bands


Two true things: 1) Kids love technology.
2) As adults, we're a little afraid that kids love technology
so much they'll forget how to interact
with actual live people.

So what if we could make something techno-cool that would encourage kids to connect face-to-face, live and in person, with their friends?

text bands help kids swap messageslike words, secrets and inside jokes by bumping fists, shaking hands and probably a zillion other ways we haven't figured out yet.

They can bump the same message out all day long (like GOKCCHIEFS or HBDAY2ME! or ILOVEMYMOM) or change out the words to have conversations. We have the feeling they'll figure out ways to use these things we haven't even imagined.

Choose a charcoal or purple starter band with text module to start.
Text Bands Starter Bands

Style Bands

Text modules can pop into style bands to create a different look (sold separately). Find one that reflects your kid's unique personality, or grab a few so they can mix things up.





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