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Our Mission

The mission of Hallmark Sinceramente is to authentically express the voice of the Latino heart with respect, understanding, and appreciation for the richness of Latino cultures throughout the Spanish-speaking world.


The mission of Sinceramente Hallmark
The language of Sinceramente

Our language

Some special cards bear the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, a patron saint of Mexico, as well as other special symbols and icons. All Sinceramente cards feature English translations on the back of the cards. And our new Life’s Momentitos cards use a thoughtful blend of Spanish and English.

Erika Garces

"Working with Sinceramente has been such a blessing to me! I love being able to help others express their emotions and enrich their relationships.”

Rachel Wilson image

Rachel Wilson

“I love working with a talented and diverse team from around the world and that together we provide a vehicle for people to connect through the Spanish language.”

Sergio Moreno

"Every day I have the privilege of collaborating with artists and writers to create cards that celebrate very special moments and relationships. I feel so lucky to think that my small contribution somehow helps someone say exactly what she needs to say."

Sergio Moreno image
Bilingual Sinceramente card

A favorite card

This bilingual card, written by Keely Chace and designed by Mónica Obando, has become a favorite because of its playful reference at how we seamlessly navigate Spanish and English language worlds.

The inside message reads:
But now I also speak el lenguaje del Amor.
That makes tres!
Love That, Love You

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