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This bathroom-dwelling ghost has no qualms about being seen by the living. In fact, contrary to most ghosts, he actually prefers an audience. Every time you enter the bathroom he haunts, he'll make his presence known by singing or telling one of several jokes that'll have you dying with laughter.

  • Plays 1 song and 7 spoken phrases.
  • Sings a parody of Hall of the Mountain King:
    Welcome, welcome, trick or treat, shut the door,
    have a seat, come on in and rest your feet, and sit here on the throne.
    Nice to meet you, I'm your host. Hope you're not afraid of ghosts.
    Have no fear, just sit right here, and make yourself at home!
  • Ghost also says: This is not the bowl you're looking for!!! M-kay.
    It must be Halloween. I just saw a full moon!
    I'm so delighted you're here, I can hardly hold it in!!!
    Well, hello! It's always good to see one of my regular visitors!
    What brings you here! On second thought, I don't wanna know! I really don't!
    Well, come on in! I saved you the best seat in the house.
    I think this place is haunted! That would really explain the weird noises I've been hearing!
  • Motion-activated decoration.
  • Motion and sound features.
  • To play, slide on/off switch.
  • 3 replaceable AAA batteries included.
  • 4.375" W x 7" H x 4" D

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