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Getting the most out of Hallmark + You

The Hallmark + You audio library on Hallmark.com gives you a place to organize and keep the audio clips you’ve captured with compatible Hallmark products and apps. It also enables you to share your recordings—digitally or through products like Cards With Sound. Discover some of the ways you can get started today.

Importing recordings from a Recordable Storybook

Already have a compatible Recordable Storybook? Here’s how to import your recordings to your Hallmark + You audio library:

1. Download the Hallmark + You desktop app for Windows 7 & 8.


2. Open the plastic cover on the bottom of the book to access the USB port.


3. Plug your Recordable Storybook into your PC using a USB Type A male to Micro B male connector (not included). Learn more


4. Once the Hallmark + You app launches, click ADD in the upper right corner of the screen.


5. Click IMPORT and choose the recordings you would like to copy into your Hallmark + You audio library.


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Recordable Storybooks
How Sound Charms work

Transferring a recording from a Sound Charm

Already have a Sound Charm? Here’s how to transfer your recordings to your Hallmark + You audio library:

1. Download the Hallmark + You app for iPhone® & iPod®.


2. Have your Sound Charm ready, then launch the app and tap the PLUS SIGN (+) in the upper right corner.


3. Press the red button on the app.


4. Press your Sound Charm once, then press again and hold until you hear a tone and your recording plays.


5. Once your Sound Charm is done playing, your voice recording should appear as a file in your Hallmark + You audio library.


Don’t have a Sound Charm? Learn more

Adding your recordings to a card

Once you have recordings in your Hallmark + You audio library you can add them to a personalized greeting card. Just follow the instructions above to transfer audio from a compatible product. Or, record new clips with your microphone on your PC, iPhone® or iPod®. Here’s how to get started:


1. Download one of our Hallmark + You apps:

Get the app for Windows 7 & 8

Get the app for iPhone & iPod


2. Launch the app and click ADD or tap the PLUS SIGN (+) in the upper right corner.


3. Choose RECORD and speak into the microphone on your computer or iOS device.


4. Once your files appear in your Hallmark + You audio library, you can use them to create personalized cards.


5. Shop Cards With Sound to find cards that allow you to access your Hallmark + You library and add your own audio.

Cards with Sound

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