Webcam Greetings Help

What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality uses computer-generated graphics, sounds and animation to blur the line between what's real and what's on the computer screen—an innovative technology that enhances what we see and hear.

What if I don't have a webcam?

A webcam is required to see the special animation. You can watch this video to experience augmented reality. Watch video >

What are the minimum system requirements for Webcam greetings?



Processor: P4 1.4 GHz, dual Core (or core 2) recommended
Main memory: at least 512 MB, 1GB recommended
Graphics cards: supports most graphics cards (Nvidia, ATI, Chipset Intel) and integrated graphic card on laptop


Windows XP (SP2, SP3) with DirectX 9.0, Windows Vista (SP1) and Windows 7


Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8
Firefox 3.0+



Processor: Intel processor required


Mac OS 10.4, 10.5 and 10.6


Safari 4.0+ recommended
Firefox 3.5+

Some of the augmented reality animations require Flash 10 instead of requiring download of the software application.

Opera and Chrome browsers are not supported yet.

Is this install safe? Will this harm my computer? Is it downloading something?

A software application is being downloaded to your computer. This software is approved for most PC and Mac computer platforms.

Can I install Webcam Greetings to my desktop?

No, we do not recommend installing Webcam Greetings to your desktop. If you later decide to uninstall the file, you may accidentally delete other files on your desktop. To prevent this from happening, we recommend the default install location/destination folder.

I click "allow," but nothing happens. What do I do?

Make sure that your computer's camera is turned on. Augmented reality does not work without a webcam. Be sure to hold your tracking target so that it faces the camera directly. If it's pointing the wrong way, you may miss the fun.

It's asking me to select a camera. What do I do?

Click on the "please select your camera" window in the upper right corner of the screen. PC users: Choose the integrated camera or, when using a USB webcam, select the name of the webcam from the drop-down. Mac users: Choose the USB video from the drop down.

Why is it installing/downloading Flash?

Some of the augmented reality animations require Flash 10. After you install Flash, close the window and click on your Webcam Greeting again.

The pop-up alerts me that I may be recorded. Who is recording me?

That is a standard Flash message. You will NOT be recorded.

Why can't I see the front of the animation? Why do I need to tilt the card?

Tilting the card allows you to fully see the animation.

Why do I need to turn my card and when do I turn it?

Once the animation either stops or starts to loop, turn the card. Turning will either show you another scene or show you a 360° view of the animation.

I can see myself while the animation is playing. Is that the way it is supposed to be?


Why doesn't the animation work?

Be sure to check the following:

  • Your webcam is plugged in and installed correctly
  • Your webcam is NOT on before you launch the Hallmark application
  • You're connected to the Internet
  • You're in a well-lit room and your sound is on
  • You've chosen your card and not another one by mistake
  • You're holding the front of the card 12 inches away from the webcam
  • You've waited a few seconds for the animation to start before you start moving the card around
  • You've tilted and rotated the card to see more of the animation
  • The card you received says "Webcam Surprise" or "Online Surprise" on the inside of the card
  • Your system meets the minimum requirements

How do I uninstall the augmented reality software?

For Windows/PC
Click on Start -> All Programs -> Hallmark
Click on the greeting that you want to uninstall
Click on uninstall and follow the instructions

For Mac
Drag the greeting you want to remove to the trash

Can I e-mail this to friends?

Since this is not an e-card, you need the physical card for the augmented reality to work.

Where can I buy Webcam Greetings?

You can buy these cards wherever Hallmark products are sold.