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download hoops&yoyo audio files!

they sing. they dance. but this time, they just sing. because you can't really see them on an audio file. (but if you could see them, they'd be dancing up a storm, baby.)

click on the sample to hear a sample.

download instructions (for PC):
  1. right-click the download and choose the "Save" option.
  2. save the file to your desktop. (Or wherever.)
  3. double-click the icon. Listen. Enjoy.
sampledownloadIt's the hoops&yoyo Happy Birthday Song!
sampledownloadSummer Tips, Part 1
sampledownloadSummer Tips, Part 2
sampledownloadA song to drive you hap-hap-happy!
sampledownloadMail Call! Mail Call! Mail Call!
sampledownloadYello? Could ya get the phone please?
sampledownloadIt's the phone! Who could it be???
sampledownloadListen to a very special version of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"!
sampledownloadIt's Friday!
sampledownloadKisses for You!
sampledownloadIt's the hoops&yoyo Springtime Song!
sampledownloadWe got nickels!
sampledownloadAccordian song #1
sampledownloadAccordian song #2
sampledownloadThe Administrative Assistant Pledge
sampledownloadAmazing Mom
sampledownloadThe Date Song
sampledownloadSwiss Chocolate
sampledownloadBuy a Little Pop
sampledownloadSchool's Out!
sampledownloadWalking Along Song
sampledownloadWord Play
sampledownloadVoice Test
sampledownloadPasty White
sampledownloadBig Kiss
sampledownloadPenelope's Summer
sampledownloadFriday Chant
sampledownloadI Love School
sampledownloadI Dingo Song
sampledownloadTake me out to the ballgame
sampledownloadBuild It
sampledownload10 Seconds
sampledownloadHo, Ho, Ho
sampledownloadMany Gift Cards
sampledownloadKirk and Jimmy
sampledownloadHyper Merry Christmas!!
sampledownloadMerry Christmas
sampledownloadWe Want Coffee!!
sampledownloadPlanner Sound Off!!
sampledownloadLove Is…
sampledownloadValentine Extras
sampledownloadIrish Lullaby
sampledownloadSt. Pat's chit-chat
sampledownloadSounds that make us laugh
sampledownloadApril in Paris
sampledownloadDad's Shirt
sampledownloadWe're all about merry and bright, baby!
sampledownloadThe twelve days of Christmas like you've never heard it before!
sampledownloadListen to hoops'&yoyo's New Year's resolutions!