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Do NOT go on your next date without knowing! But how can I test my own breath, you ask? Easy! Just make our super-exciting, frightfully-accurate pre-date breath test machine! If your date goes well...you're welcome. And if it doesn't...it was NOT halitosis-related!

The making of this machine is ADULT or ADULT SUPERVISION REQUIRED! There's lots of cutting and gluing and putting stuff together in twisty-turny ways that might make you cry if you don't get it just right. (We should know.) Thanks to our buddy, Mike, for making this. If you'd like to see it in action, you can watch a video here!

And when you’re ready to start making your very own hoops&yoyo super-exciting, frightfully accurate pre-date breath test machine, just click these links!

Print the pieces and parts!
Print the instructions!

Hey, send us a photo of you and your breath-tester when you’re done, and we’ll show the world you did it!  Send it to hoopsandyoyoblog@hallmark.com